Dental plans

Independence Blue Cross offers two dental plans1 for adults ages 19 and older:2 Adult Dental Preferred and Adult Dental Premier.3

These plans offer:

  • Easy access to the national Concordia Advantage network, with more than 57,251 dentists and 237,000 points of access across the country
  • Flexibility to see any dentist nationwide, without a referral4
  • Maximize your savings when you use an in-network dentist — our dental plans have discounts above the national average and discounts on non-covered services with some in-network providers
  • Fully covered routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays — pay $0 at the time of your visit
  • No waiting period for preventive care and certain basic services, such as fillings and extractions
  • Hassle-free service — 97% first-call resolution and 98% of claims paid within 30 days
IBX Dental Plan Holders