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In the event of unexpected accident, serious illness, or hospital stay, your focus should be on recovery — not your finances. LifeSecure insurance plans can help by providing financial support when you need it most.

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Pairing your Independence Blue Cross health coverage with an accident, critical illness, and hospital recovery insurance plan from LifeSecure extends your coverage and helps you plan for the unexpected. Benefits from these plans can help make up for lost income and pay for medical deductibles, out-of-network office visits, uncovered treatments, childcare, transportation to appointments, household upkeep, or anything else you may need!

Accident insurance

  • Cash benefits paid directly to you to offset injury-related expenses
  • Reimbursement can cover a wide range of expenses, such as copays, tests, X-rays, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and more — how you use your benefits is up to you

Critical Illness insurance

  • Helps you pay for expenses that traditional insurance plans do not cover when you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, including heart attack, stroke, and cancer
  • Financial support in the form of a lump-sum cash benefit to make up for lost income or help pay for out-of-network office visits, uncovered treatments, and more

Hospital Recovery insurance

  • Provides a cash benefit for each day of a covered hospital stay
  • Benefits can help pay for anything you need during recovery, including transportation, delivery or take-out meals, or help around the house

You can’t predict where life may take you, so be prepared. LifeSecure’s plans offer affordable and reliable coverage to provide financial support when it really counts.